Andaman Package (4N/ 5 Days)


Makruzz is a high-speed Catamaran Passenger Ferry. Catamaran is a twin hull vessel and the advantage is that it offers ‘highspeed’, ‘better stability’ and ‘more space’. Seating Capacity of 208 in Premium, 64 in Deluxe and 8 in Royal. Makuzz is also first catamaran in Andaman Islands. Same Day ferry from Port Blair to Havelock and Neil is also available. The materials used for the interiors including the seats are also of ‘fire-retardant’ type. The navigational and communication equipment on board are capable of meeting operational requirements of safe ship handling, receive meteorological warnings and forecasts, coordinating search and rescue operations and meeting any call of distress and urgency.

Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail, also known as ‘Kala Pani’ is an old colonial prison situated in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands. Constructed by the Britishers during their colonial rule in India, Cellular Jail was used particularly to exile political prisoners where they were subjected to many atrocities at the hands of the British. The construction of the jail began in the year 1896 and was completed in 1906, after which it was used to house many notable freedom fighters such as Batukeshwar Dutt, Yogendra Shukla and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. 

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is without a doubt the most famous beach in the Andaman Islands. Crowned as “Asia’s Best Beach” and “7th best beach in the world” by Time Magazine, this place sees a lot of tourists. It truly is an unforgettable curve of white sand with perfectly coloured blue waters. It is easy to enjoy this postcard-perfect beach – lie down and marvel at the sunset, or go in for a quick swim.

Andaman Package includes

  • Cellular Jail
  • Corbyn Beach

  • Coral Beach
  • Sea Walking
  • Scuba Diving
  • All Waer Activities

  • Historical Place

  • Radhanagar Beach
  • Kalapatar Beach

  • Rain Forest Traveling
  • Lime Stone Cave
  • Mud Volcano

  • Natural Bridge

*Not included in package, but tourists can avail by paying additional cost

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